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2015’s Most Important Moments for Feminism in DJ Culture

Look back at the people and moments who made 2015 a particularly important year for feminism in dance music, from The Black Madonna to Björk.

In years past, the conversation about sexism in dance music rarely ventured beyond perfunctory lists of female DJs and producers you should know. While broader-interest publications like Paper,  Billboard and Thought Catalog (o.O) continued this glib, hackneyed and ghetto-izing tradition in 2015, the amount of discussion and activism devoted to the topic of electronic music’s gender gap seemed to increase. The discourse is gaining steam in the scene as well as in the wider musical world, and so are the female-identified artists and activists committed to it, from rising dance music stars The Black Madonna and Umfang. Meanwhile, pop behemoths Beyoncé and Charlie XCX have raised feminist issues in the mainstream. Perhaps the fact that more women made RA’s reader poll of the top 100 DJs and ranked higher than in years past—there were nine this year starting at number 20 compared to seven starting at slot 35 last year—is further testimony to this observation, although it also proves how far we have to go.