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50 Great Tracks That Are Too Rinsed To Ever Play Again

If you want to impress the true diggers, stay away from these 50 overplayed house and techno tracks, from Mr. Fingers to Moodymann, Four Tet and beyond.

Spend enough time on the world’s dance floors and you’ll start to recognize tracks that get played over and over. Some of them get constant rotation for a few months and then recur sporadically for a throwback moment, while others are perennial favorites. The more hours you while away in DJ situations, the more these picked-over go-tos will seem like cheap devices to get the crowd to “woo” for lazy DJs who don’t bother to dig hard before a gig.

The list below is a collection of all or most of the tracks we love but are simply tired of hearing, from hackneyed classics to new crazes. In the process of compiling it we found that we could have filled the list with fodder from the US cannon, so we tried to diversify the list by condensing tracks that came out on the same label and by loosely distinguishing classics, which are important in the history of dance music but we don’t actually hear out all that much anymore, and rinsed tracks, which can be new and do get played a lot. If you’re a DJ looking to impress (or at least not disappoint) heads and diggers, take heed. But if you’re more of a crowd-pleasing type, well—as you were.