City Guide: Montréal's DIY Art And After-Hours Underground – Telekom Electronic Beats

City Guide: Montréal’s DIY Art And After-Hours Underground

Discover the creative people sponsoring New Age pop-ups, queer festivals, unique DJ events and banging after-hours parties in Canada's eastern metropolis.

Recently, outposts like 1080p and Mood Hut have attracted international attention to a country not known for its legacy of dance music: Canada. While these small labels have put their hometown of Vancouver on the map with a fresh take on laidback house, the eastern Canadian city of Montréal has become a haven for more experimental sounds—perhaps in part due its to world-famous MUTEK Festival. Other annual events like Igloofest and Piknic Electronik pique the interest of out-of-towners, but you’ll find ever more layers if you dig into the Anglophone D.I.Y. scene. Find a rundown of the people, places and spaces contributing to Montréal’s fecund creative world below.

Cover photo of Tommy Genesis performing at Slut Island via Slut Island’s Facebook.