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City Guide São Paulo: The Best Of The Brazilian Underground

L.A. Club Resource affiliate Innsyter shines light on some of the most unique talent in one of Brazil's biggest cities, from rappers to heavy metal bands.

I moved to São Paulo 14 years ago from Uberaba, a small interior city in Minas Gerais state with a lot of cowboys. São Paulo is often a hard place to be with its chaotic traffic, crowds, queues and relatively high cost of living compared to elsewhere in Brazil. There aren’t many local labels releasing music on vinyl, especially in electronic music—we only have one vinyl factory in operation at the moment, although there’s supposedly another in the works. Those who get booked to play here are mostly big techno stars, which is a shame, but a number of new producers in the city are stepping up. On the whole, the electronic music scene in São Paulo still feels young, but there’s a steady underground music scene. There’s always a concert or a free street party going on, and places like S/A, Trackers, Associação Cultural Cecília and Hotel Bar support smaller artists.

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