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Discover Argentina’s Prolific Underground Rock Scene

Mueran Humanos take us beyond tango tourism into Argentina's murky interzone bridging experimental composition and breakneck rock.

Experimental rock music has a long tradition in Argentina. In 1973, Billy Bond Y La Pesada Del Rock And Roll released Tontos, a proto-punk and musique concrète album, and in the early ‘80s, the post-punk underground exploded in Argentina with a proliferation of great bands like Los Corrosivos, Los Pillos, Todos Tus Muertos, Mimilocos and La Sobrecarga. This music has never achieved mainstream popularity, yet it never died. It’s a dark reflection of the city that connects with the culture of tango, which has retained its original tragic and nocturnal sensibility despite the creation of new versions that are geared toward tourists. It’s been nine years since we last lived in Buenos Aires full-time and there are still hundreds of bands we don’t know much about, but what follows is a survey of some of the bands we do know and like. For anyone looking to go deeper, we recommend South America is Part of the Problem, a compilation of underground music from the region released by Stereo Neg earlier this year.