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Discover Copenhagen’s Exciting and Underrated Music Scene

Copenhagen DJ Courtesy explains why many have the impression that her home city's club scene is barren when it's actually full of talent and cool venues.

Copenhagen is a tiny capital with a population of just over half a million, which means the electronic music scene is quite small. Culture Box, one of the city’s larger clubs, does a good job booking prominent international names as well as locals, but it only holds about 400 people. A lot of interesting events are spread among the city’s smaller bars, clubs, offroad locations and concert venues with misleading names. The scene can be hard for outsiders to navigate, so unfortunately many have the impression that it isn’t fruitful, when in fact the opposite is true. I don’t know anywhere else where the quality of local house and techno DJs is so high; they practice and invest heavily in music, and vinyl is a big thing here despite the lack of record shops. There also aren’t many places where you get to see the likes of Hunee, Palms Trax, Route 8 and Lena Willikens play for a floor that only holds 100 people. Going out in Copenhagen can be one hell of an intimate trip and I hope this guide helps more people to experience it.

Courtesy has been embedded in Copenhagen’s club scene for nearly a decade as a DJ, promoter and music journalist. She also plays with the four-piece techno team Apeiron Crew, throws parties around the city and serves as a resident at Culture Box and Bakken. Stream her recent mix for EB Radio here.