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Discover Turkish Psychedelia’s Influential Artists And Songs

Bariş K, Istanbul's undisputed specialist of vintage Anatolian psych-rock, disco and funk highlights 10 essential rarities from Turkish psychedelic music.

In popular imagination, the psychedelic continuum of the ’60s and ’70s ran from the US to Britain and back again. But the country straddling Europe and Asia—Turkey—was breeding its own psych-rock scene around the same time. The music mixed traditional Turkish folk sounds with the signatures of Western rock groups, but unlike Beatles 12″s, which were pressed in such huge quantities as to have sentimental value but not much more, Anatolian rock records are harder to find and often highly valuable. Veteran selector and vinyl hunter Barış K is one of the foremost authorities on Turkish psychedelia and disco, and he’s helped to conduct many of its little-known heroes to Western audiences. Needless to say, he’s amassed a formidable collection of rare 12″s from the era, which is partially documented on his Eurasia and Istanbul 70 edits series. Here, he brings us 10 of the standout tracks from Turkey’s colorful canon.