Here's the Extended Program for EBF Budapest 2015 – Telekom Electronic Beats

Here’s the Extended Program for EBF Budapest 2015

Our extended program for EBF Budapest 2015 includes 40+ events: late-night shopping, innovative installations, compelling panels, concerts, and much more.

Music Events

Native Sessions

October 17, 18:00 – 20:00: Held in Berlin, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo, Native Sessions is a series of regular events dedicated to bringing Native Instruments users, experts and the wider music community together. Explore the future of music making with Electronic Beats and Native Instruments. Photo by Camille Blake.

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Dance Parties at Beat on the Brat

October 16, 22:00 – 05:00: An Italo Disco party presented by Recorder Magazin. Dance to 1980s Italian electronic music. Check it out on Facebook.

October 17, 22:00 – 05:00: Twistin’ My Melon—Madchester Baggy Party devoted to a the British music scene that shook the island for a few years in the early 1990s, when indie and eletronic music first met. Expect tunes from Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses and 808 State.



Roki Exhibition and Hungarian Label Showcases

October 15 @ 21:00 – 22:00An exhibition of work from renowned Budapest artist Roki, who will prepare masks made to look like the artists performing at the Electronic Beats festival.

October 16 @ 22:00 – 02:00: ASAN Label showcase featuring artists from the Hungarian record label: Yapo, Planetmalcom and Zomblaze. Find out more on their Facebook event!

October 17 @ 22:00 – 02:00: Farbwechsel label showcase featuring local DJs from one of Budapest’s prime underground record labels. Sets by A i w A, Wedding Acid Group, SVR and SzO. And yes, you’re again invited to sign up on their Facebook event to stay on track!

Late Night Shopping @ Akt Records

October 15 @ 19:00 – 22:00: Late night shopping with a 20 percent discount on all records and clothes in Hungary’s most popular underground record and streetwear store.
And yes – there’re more details on Facebook!

Sunday Garden Open Air Brunch

October 18 @ 15:00 – 22:00: Sunday Garden is a weekly open air brunch with Budapest’s finest DJs, street food, table tennis and foosball. Although it’s usually a summer-only event series, Dürer Kert will open its lovely garden one last time to close the EB City Festival. Check it out on Facebook – you’ll love it!

UPDATE: in case of inclement weather, this event will be moved to Központ Bar at Madách Imre Út 5. Check social media for further details.

Art Events

Telep Gallery Exhibition Opening

October 15 @ 20:00-22:00: This year the Electronic Beats Festival will represent Budapest’s contemporary music culture with more than strictly musical events. Thus, Telekom has put together a local music-themed interactive exhibition and DJ program in the urban art bar Telep Gallery from October 16-17.
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Interactive audio-visual motion space and show

October 17 @ 20:00: Interactive audio-visual motion space and show

The digital world – be it images, sounds or any virtual medium – can be connected to the living body, and gamers are not the only people to be excited about the means of connection: in the hands of creative artists they become veritable instruments. With her movement, the dancer may produce magical surfaces in the interactive space, where the experience of painting with light may go hand in hand with that of creating sound. Brought to life, the images and sounds reflect every quiver of the audience, projecting their movement into a cosmic harmony.

The synaesthesia emerges at the intersection of the moment, the physical space and the gesture, of the image, the movement and the sound. Thanks to the interactive technology, the sound generated by the motion and the virtual image can unite in the same gesture, and all this takes place in real time. Find out more on Facebook!

Art and More at Auróra

October 15 @ 19:00: Kodaly Method & Balaton Method screenings.

October 15 @ 22:00: The Stanley Maneuver DJ set.

October 15 @ 23:00: Berlin DJ Dr. Rubinstein will debut in Budapest with an intense and charismatic style and an affinity for hypnotic acid sounds.


October 16 @ 22:00Uffalo Steez live.


October 17 @ 16:00: Self Groove workshop and panel.

October 17 @ 18:00: Presentation by Csaba Füle and András Hargitai and modular synth workshop with Soundlevel.

Beatrix Szörényi Exhibition finissage Trapez Gallery

October 17 @ 17:00 – 22:00: The last day of Beatrix Szörényi‘s solo show at the Trapéz Gallery will feature a guided visit of the contemporary art gallery at the Károly Garden in Budapest’s city center.

"The New Working Class Hero" Exhibition Opening

Exhibition Opening: October 15 @ 19:00 – 20:00:
The recently-opened Omnivore Gallery aims to latch on to the professional dialogue of the contemporary art scene with research-based exhibitions. It’s on Kertész Street next to club Vittula, which is Budapest’s major black hole when it comes to Friday and Saturday nights. “The New Working Class Hero” is a research exhibition concerning young cultural workers’ flexible attitudes when it comes to working and getting jobs. The exhibition and fanzine aim to present so-called creative activities that are often mentioned in pejorative contexts yet are still money-earning professions.
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Tech Events

Open Day Lecture

October 16 @ 18:00 – 19:00: The Budapest School of Music Technology hosts an open day with well-known underground Hungarian producers who will speak on innovative music production techniques. Iamyank, imPro’s senior lecturer, will explain the new tools, software, techniques and options available to the contemporary composer. Then he’ll investigate whether such facilities are harmful to creative thinking or if they bring art production to the next level. Find out more on Facebook.

EB x Design Terminal x Hypeandhyper

October 16 @ 17:00 – October 17 @ 20:00: Sound and visual installation that highlights two factors that influence the experience of being in an urban environment. The idea behind the project is based on the notion that stimuli weaken as we get used to them in a daily routine. The panel discussion and installation reflect on that and attempts to illustrate urban mechanisms that are usually hidden. It includes a 270-degree projection in the darkened Designed Terminal Pavillion based on a drone recording from above Budapest, a control panel in the center where the audience can control the sound and visuals and 3-D animations that help to remix exiting and create alternative worlds in unlimited combinations.

October 17 @ 14:00 – 16:00: A panel discussion with Ábris Gryllus (artist, graphic designer, musician), Norbert Löbenwein (project manager of Sziget, Volt and Balaton Sound festivals), Jónás Togay of NVC and Ralf Lülsdorf of Deutsche Telekom on eastern citites – hype communitites of the CEE region. The discussion will take place at Design Terminal, the national center for creative industries in Budapest, and presented in conjunction with Hypeandhyper, an online design magazine that curates limiteded products of global brands and Eastern European designers.

Open Hour and Flying Objects Presentation

October 16 @ 15:00 – 16:00: The best-known Hungarian startup, Prezi, will open its office in Budapest so anyone can get insight into everyday life at one of the world’s most desirable workplaces. Then Flying Objects, an independent design studio that pairs innovative ideas with world-class design, will talk about how they won the Red Dot Award in 2015. And of course, they’ll present the cool stuff they’ve made.

Iamyank x Possible & A/V Virtual Reality Game Experience

October 16 & 17 @ 23:45 – 05:00:
1. Kitchen Budapest‘s team of designers, artists and specialists in technology will present their brand-new virtual reality game, Rites.
2. Feel Flux, a collaboration between two Hungarian engineers, will introduce their community-funded campaign and their new invention, a magnetic toy based on a simple law of physics.

October 17 @ 16:00 – 17:00: Iamyank and software development team Possible Games will give a presentation on Adventures of Poco Eco, an adventure game created by Possible that focuses on music within an extraordinary visual world. Downloading the game allows users free access to the new album from Hungarian producer Iamyank, Lost Sounds, which also serves as the soundtrack. They will breifly outline how an intentionally un-pushy marketing tool affects brand awareness and how the game and music production blended perfectly. They will reveal some technical details about the creative utility of virtual reality technology Oculus Rift and how to turn a stage performance into a virtual expereince without losing its live show feel. Iamyank will present the technique in question during a special audiovisual live show.
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Food Events

KARAVÁN Food Truck Garden

Throughout the festival, there will be special daytime events with cooking performances from famous chefs as well as handcrafted beer and wine tasting.

Konyha Menu

Throughout the festival, Konyha will offer a daily lunch menu, breakfast, draught beer and an à la carte menu that’s revamped every month. For the Electronic Beats Festival, they will prepare the performing artists’ favorite foods.

The "Poliphony" Installation

Throughout Friday and Saturday: Hello Wood, an independent educational platform for design and architecture, will team up with VJ Centrum, a new media and VJ studio in Hungary, for a “Poliphony” installation. As night falls the VJ team will start to “play” on it with their mapping show.

Fashion Events

Black Box Autumn Collection Introduction

October 17 @ 14:00 – 21:00: The home designer at Black Box, Imogen, will introduce the shop’s Autumn/Winter collection. You’ll also find some good music and some drinks. And recent updates on Facebook.

Art On Me Fashion Show

October 15 @ 19:00 – 23:00: Art On Me, a small shop with a comfy women’s clothing brand, will host a fashion show at the front of the shop with lots of music and champagne. Visit them on Facebook!

Late night shopping LÁTOMÁS

October 16 @ 18:00: The Látomás shops on Király utca and Dohány utca will host late-night shopping events with a 20 precent discount, nice music and wine spritzers.

Passed Concert

October 16 @ 19:00 – 01:00: Vintage boutique Antifactory will host a mini-concert from a young Hungarian band called Passed. A DJ set will follow. Check out the details on their Facebook event!

DJs and Late Night Shopping at Schatzi

October 15 @ 22:00 – 03:00: The Schatzi concept store, clothing shop and café will host a special event with DJs playing for late-night shoppers. Want to know more? Check out their Facebook event!

TILA Exhibition – Opening of Part II - Installations by NUBU & RIIVARI

October 16 @ 19:00 – 22:00: Art gallery, clothes and furniture store Mono Art & Design will open TILA exhibition II: the designers of Finnish and Hungarian fashion brands, Riivari and Nubu will present their artistic visions together in the gallery. Some drinks will be served and Designer Drums will play.

Shopping at The Garden Studio

October 16 @ 16:00 – 21:00: The Garden Studio, an eclected shop of Hungarian and Scandinavian designers, presents Dori Tomcsányi’s clothing line some music and drinks for a shopping event. Expect other surprises. And follow the event on Facebook.

Late Night Shopping at wonderLAB

October 17, 12:00-22:00: An evening of late-night shopping will be held until 10 pm on Saturday, with wine-spritz in a familiar atmosphere. You can meet up also with some of their designers there!
Check out all updates and details on Facebook!

Electronic music video showcase & AM:PM Music Label Night

October 17 @ 22:00 – 02:00: Toldi, a café/nightclub build in an old cinema, will kick off their brand-new series with psychedelic disco, wrecked house and cosmic disco songs all night.

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