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Your Favorite DJs’ Favorite Hessle Audio Releases

Call Super, Beatrice Dillon and more pick favorites from a seminal label.

Over the last ten years, genre divides have appeared and dissolved in quick succession, and few labels have adapted to the changing conditions as seamlessly as Hessle Audio. The label Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea launched in 2007 with a laser focus on odd strains of dubstep transitioned around 2010 or 2011 into “bass music” and then gradually eased into dubstep-indebted techno with recent releases from newer recruits Bruce and Ploy. Now a decade old, Hessle has developed into one of the most influential record labels in UK dance music. The founders’ clear creative vision has heavily influenced a new generation of producers, DJs and label owners from around the world who will shape the next decade. We spoke to artists with close ties to Hessle, from Midland to Beatrice Dillon, to find out which cuts have become long-lasting favorites.