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Go Deep On Moody Italo With Dark Entries’ 10 Overlooked Gems

The founder of the cutting-edge synth/wave label Dark Entries guides us through the shadowy currents running beneath Italo disco's neon and pastel facade.

As a general rule, Italo disco is not a form of dance music known for its seriousness. Many of its best examples are charming precisely because of their unusual mixture of science fiction camp, unintended goofiness and traditional disco-indebted dance floor appeal. Yet Italo is a surprisingly varied genre, and despite the cheeriness of its most popular songs, the style also has an undercurrent of artists whose output could just as easily fit next to a Severed Heads or Bauhaus record as they could something by Giorgio Moroder or Patrick Cowley.

Nobody knows this better than Josh Cheon, the man behind San Francisco’s excellent Dark Entries imprint. Since 2009, Cheon’s modus operandi has been to discover and release obscure synth-driven music both from the past and present. Part of that project has involved a string of extremely high-quality Italo reissues—many of which explore this darker and more somber side of Italian disco. For this month’s genre guide, Cheon picked out 10 of his favorite dark Italo cuts to help us dig deeper into this often overlooked corner of Italian dance music.