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Kate Simko and Tevo Howard’s Guide To Classic Chicago House

Following a joint LP on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth imprint, Chicago natives Kate Simko and Tevo Howard pick some of the best tracks from the Windy City.

Tevo Howard and I are both from Chicago and met through our love of house music. I found out about Tevo’s music when a friend played his song “Passion Sound” on Beautiful Granville. It blew my mind! While we virtually met through a vinyl record, we’ve now made a full-length album together. Tevo lives in Berlin these days and I’m based in London, but no matter where we call home, we will always be Chicagoans, and the city keeps a piece of our hearts for sure. Here are some of the classic Chicago house productions that have inspired us. Tevo is more old school than me, so my picks don’t date back quite as far. Hope you enjoy the tracks as much as we do!

Kate Simko

Tevo Howard and Kate Simko’s PolyRhythmic LP is out now. Stream Kate Simko’s recent mix for EB Radio here.