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Tracing Depeche Mode’s Fashion Through Their Best Videos

We run through 10 of the iconic band's boldest, most memorable looks as captured in videos filmed between 1982 and 1997.

On February 20, Depeche Mode celebrated the 35th anniversary of their first single, “Dreaming Of Me”, so we’ve taken the opportunity to look back over the band’s lengthy career. DM has released some 57 videos, some of which are epic and high-impact, while others are downright embarrassing (primary-colored facepaint, anyone?). From wool-sweater geek to androgynous bondage, high-waisted denim to glitter suits, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and their cohorts have always been a quirky crew of tastemakers. Their dark and melancholy late-’80s look was particularly influential, in part thanks to the shadowy mini-worlds created by Dutch photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn. Many of the videos directed by Corbijn (who’s also behind Joy Division’s “Atomosphere” video and biopic Control) ended up on our list of the band’s 10 most fashionable videos. “Depeche mode” does translate to “fast fashion,” after all.