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We Can Make It Better: A Guide To Nigerian Boogie

Antinote affiliate D.K. pulls rare, '80s-era tracks from the West African dance music continuum, as popularized by Fela Kuti and King Sunny Adé.

The end of the 1970s and early ‘80s marked a particularly fertile period for music in Nigeria. The country had broken the seal on its oil reservoirs, a military dictatorship had toppled and a flamboyant new sound began sweeping through the capital city of Lagos’ clubs and recording studios. Since then, popular interest in afrobeat—and the market for rare West African dance records—has skyrocketed, and Parisian producer D.K. is one of many producers to fall under its spell. The sunny house and boogie hybrids on his debut album for discerning French imprint Antinote paid a sort of homage to the sound and spirit of the era. Fresh on the heels of his sophomore full-length, Island Of Dreams, D.K. pulls together some of his favorite tracks from the “golden age” of Nigerian boogie and beyond.

D.K.’s Island of Dreams LP is out now on Antinote. Stream it in full here and buy it here.