10 Tracks That Define The New Berlin Techno Underground According To SYNOID


A dilapidated grain silo on the edge of Berlin is quickly becoming one of Berlin’s best techno venues. Yes, we’re talking about Griessmuehle. A part of the reason behind that is its excellent rotation of promoter-thrown parties. This weekend, the Neukölln favorite will be taken over by SYNOID, a local crew that represents a new undercurrent in the Berlin techno community. To get ready for their party tonight, which will showcase Marcel Fengler, Anetha, Cleric—and a 4-hour-long set by TEB editor Chloé Lula—we asked the promoters behind the party to select a few tracks that represent the city’s new underground.

999999999, “Love 4 Rave” (NineTimesNine 2018)

We begin with this absolute monster by 999999999, because it describes the way the Berlin underground is going: back to a raw old-school and straight-forward sound.

Hector Oaks, “Bringing Down Their System” (OAKS 2018)

Fast, acid- and EBM-style bass lines are killing the floors nowadays as Hector’s does here.

Reeko, “The Woman Of Black Glove” (Planet Rhythm Records 2010)

This track delivers a perfect drum rack with intense drive, which creates an awesome, shaky rhythm.

Robert S, “Insulated” (TRAU-MA 2018)

Pure hypnotic vibes are sending you on a mind trip with this one.

Augusto, “When The Going Gets Rough” (GRIND. 2016)

We think the vocal says everything.

Perc, “Look What Your Love Has Done To Me” (Perc Trax 2017)

An industrial killer that creates tension on the floor during the phenomenal break.

W.LV.S, “Misericodia” (Astropolis Records 2017)

An epic, goosebump-inducing banger that brings back the energy at any time of the night or day or whatever.

Cosmic Gate, “Fire Wire (DJ Scot Project Remix)” (Data Records 2001)

Trance is a thing again.

Boston 168, “Cybernetics” (Odd Even 2018)

These two Italian guys are delivering crazy live sets. Their wobbling and warping acid sounds are filling Griessmuehle these days—and the crowd loves it every time.

Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October, “Das Gift“ (Lebendig 2018)

Honestly, just listen to it.

The next Synoid party will happen at Griessmuehle in Berlin tonight, October 12, through Sunday, October 14. RSVP to the event on Facebook here.

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