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10 x 4 – Busdriver

10 x 4 - Busdriver Busdriver has been rapping, writing and producing music since the early nineties. A punk ethic and a DIY approach has seen him release a record with Deerhoof, collaborate with dozens of underground rappers and DJ’s, and now guest star on the track ‘Pretentious Friends’ from Monkeytown – the new album from Modeselektor, who in their role as today’s guest editors asked their friend to step up for some 10 x 4 treatment.

Favourite part of the day to create?
The afternoon commute has turned into the best time for me to write vocals. My car has become my last sanctuary.

Method or madness?
Madness followed by method. My madness supplies the reasoning behind the method or gives it credence at least. At this point, my life is 80% method. My madness can be found in my 20’s.

Most influential person?
Either Michael Jackson or Allen Ginsberg.

First musical love?
Once again… Michael Jackson.

One thing you cannot live with out?
Music or my daughters laughter.

One thing you would live without if you could?
The business of selling music.

Favourite instrument?

Your biggest break so far?
Playing Coachella 07, playing with the Roots, signing with Anti-/Epitaph, doing songs with Daedelus, Flying Lotus and Nosaj Things… Umm, any night playing for any group of people.

Biggest surprise?
Not dying on tour

Biggest disappointment?
Not dying on tour

Published October 04, 2011.