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10 x 4 – DJ Marfox

10 x 4 - DJ Marfox DJ Marfox is fresh out of Lisbon and has just helped to usher new label, Principe, into the world. With the Photonz as label mates and the backing of local record shop Flur and booking agency Filho Único, Principe is promising big things. From african-inspired percussion workouts to the deepest of house jams, it’s all fair game. Check out Marfox’s Eu Sei Quem Sou EP at the bottom of the page.

Favourite part of the day to create?
I don’t have a favourite part of the day per se. There’s moments in which a simple click or a good sample transforms me entirely, be it morning, afternoon or night.

Most influential person?
The person who influenced me the most to become a DJ was a cousin of mine, to whom I have a lot of respect and admiration. I must have been 4 or 5 years old and watched amazed him spinning music. When it comes to becoming a producer (Kuduro beats or ‘Batidas’) who influenced me was no doubt DJ Znobia, DJ Nervoso and DJ N.K.

First musical love?
Tony Amado ‘Gato Preto’ – Kuduro By Angola (1993)

Last musical love?
DJ Nervoso ‘Makexe “ – Kuduro By Lisbon (2011)

One thing you cannot live with out?
Besides Music, obviously, I’d say the ambient and climate of Lisbon. I’m very much attached to this city, although I love to travel and meet other places and cultures.

One thing you would live without if you could?
If I could I’d clearly choose to live without the bankers, economists and politicians. Unfortunately they keep dominating the world and spending in great fashion, and even if they keep denying and not believing, the ones that always end up paying for the errors of those sectors is the poor old People.

Favourite instrument?
I’d say I don’t have a specific favourite instrument. But I like to listen to an exciting percussion in a track – congas bongos, rumbas and marimbas.

Your biggest break so far?
For me I don’t consider that there might be a ‘break’ more exciting than others, all of them together have the same power and have the same effect, what really gets me excited is to know that after a DJ set, be it in Portugal or abroad, people approach me in the end and thank me for the music and the moment spent, that shows respect and that’s the thing that truly gets me going.

Eureka moment?
My Eureka moment was the launch of my first EP “Eu Sei Quem Sou” by Píncipe label, they gave me precious advice and believed in me and in my work since 2007. It took a while to get it fully ready for release but now it’s on the market, honestly it was a childhood dream that became true.

Biggest surprise?
It was back in 2007 when I met the now founders/managers of the label Príncipe. I remember that day vividly in which they approached me and told me that my music was not only ghetto and of the suburbs music but really a music to the world. That I should believe in what they were telling me and that they would work for me to become a better artist.

Love of your life?
My family.. I’m not saying that other families aren’t good but I think that mine is the best of all. They give me support and much unconditional love, giving me the strength to believe that if it is in music that I’m happy and feel good, then I should carry on and no matter the difficulties that I may be experiencing now or may go through in the future I must never give up as we always gotta think positive and always think that tomorrow will be better that today.

Secret tip?
My secret tip is the love, passion and much dedication for what I do.

Favourite Tumblr?

A place to create?
In my bedroom, which I share with my brother, who is my accomplice of many years.

Last thing that inspired you?
I use everything as a form of inspiration but the last thing that hit home, really, was music from India.

Published March 27, 2012.