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10 x 4 – Extrawelt

10 x 4 - Extrawelt Extrawelt are the German duo who make slavishly detailed, highly organic technoid dance music. A fixture on Traum for several years, they have also released records on Ideal Audio and Border Community. For their second longplayer, In Aufruhr which is released on Cocoon, they have crafted an album infected with bass and futurism that roars across the sonic spectrum. We are particularly taken with ‘Aufwind’ – see the bottom of the page. So… did someone say 10 x 4?

Favourite part of the day to create?
In the early morning, moments before the sun rises when the city is slowly being indirectly illuminated – still cold and silent. I experience this exclusively after a long studio night, I could never wake up and start right away to make music. Mostly I start late afternoon and finish late in the night..
Method or madness?
Both at their own time. Methods and techniques are made to be helpful, but they can never be the root or basis of a track.. if so the result will most likely be a dead piece of music. I try not to lapse into routines in the process of making a track. If you keep on listening it will find it’s way to you. Each track should happen in its own way, everything is allowed if it helps to get to the core. I refuse the obligation of madness as well though. Sometimes by breaking the rules you get an interesting and unexpected outcome. Sometimes not. Chaos creates but chaos destroys too. 
First musical love?
Mr. “I love you” himself: Michael Jackson! Wait. No. To be honest before him my first musical romance was Nena! Still Michael Jackson was the one I went really crazy for, posters, all albums, first stadium concert with hysterical singing loudly without knowing the lyrics and all of that.
Last musical love?
I have discovered Beirut lately although they have been doing cool stuff for years.  Last year my good friend Marco gave me a concert ticket for “Timber Timbre” and since then i’ve been a fan. Latest discovery was Roy Budd’s movie scores and plenty of cool electronic stuff. But love? No. it hasn’t happened lately.
One thing you cannot live without?
One thing you would live without if you could?
Coffee & Cigarettes.
Favourite instrument?
Jomox Sunsyn.
Secret tip?
The meaning of a secret is that it remains one.
A place to create?
My über-small kitchen. I started to enjoy cooking lately. Good ideas for music, track names or stuff comes often in bed before sleeping and keeps me awake, just to have forgotten them when I wake up. To create music i’m naturally in our beloved studio.
Last thing that inspired you?
The capabilities of our reverb processor.

Published November 11, 2011.