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10 x 4: Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires have always been dance music cheerleaders, stealthily dropping references to Kompakt within the pages of NME. Their enthusiasm certainly pre-dates the current vogue for house music referencing washing through indie right now, and for this reason their intense performance at EB Festival Bratislava earlier this year felt like a perfect fit. Recently, the four-piece have put together a Late Night Tales compilation which, much like their contemporaries Foals‘ K7 mix earlier this year, suggests a deep rooted passion for this music that goes beyond 12-inch oneupmanship. We caught up with Edd Gibson, the band’s DJ elect, to take us a little deeper.


1. Your most memorable show?

The first time we played Mexico City was incredible. We were escorted around town by men-mountains in black suits, mainly for the risk of bands being abducted rather than our own level of stardom, but let’s not let the truth obscure my dreams. We were ushered through the tightLY packed crowd to the stage, our own miniaturized taste of Beatlemania. When we began playing, the roar of the crowd was louder than I’d ever heard. I almost stopped playing in surprise and shock. The gig was a genuine carnival atmosphere. So much fun.

2. What goes in your coffee?

If i’m  feeling decadent then two sugars, cream and whisky. Usually just a spoon.

3. Should music be free?

I think if you get music for free, it can devalue it in many other ways too. Music should be appreciated and cherished. It can become all too disposable a commodity otherwise.

 4. Better show: Buffy or X-Files?

X-Files, for Gillian Anderson and Eugene Victor Tooms.

 5. A film or book that greatly influenced your music?

Aldous Huxley’s Island.

6. Your current favorite song?


7. Do you believe in the paranormal?

Hell no. Although very sensible people around me have claimed to have had ‘encounters’, it’s clearly all flim-flam. Doesn’t mean I’m not scared by it though.

8. Raging or chilling out?

Chilling the f out.

 9. One thing you can’t live without?

Duck (the food, not the verb).

 10. Together, or alone?


Published October 25, 2012.