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10 x 4 – Funk Guru

10 x 4 - Funk Guru Neno Bari? aka Funk Guru doesn’t need an extended introduction to Croatian readers. As one of the co-funders of CFSN crew, Funk Guru has been active on the electronic music scene for more than ten years now. He started out as a DJ but soon became one of the scene carriers (he picked his artist name just right) supporting newcomers and young producers, organizing audiovisual workshops and the Illectricity festival, with stars like Modeselektor, Rustie, Solar Bears and Machinedrums. His crew’s next festival edition will happen on the 24th of March, starring The Bug ft. Flowdan and Dorian Concept alongside CFSN members Dubway, feelipa, Josip Klobu?ar, itch, Æon and phillipe. And the Guru himself, of course.

Favorite part of the day to create?
Night, as late as possible.

Most influental person?
My father.

First musical love?
The Prodigy’s Experience album.

One thing you cannot live without?
My laptop ?

Your biggest break so far?
Summer of 2011, playing at almost every major festival in the region.

Love of your life?

Secret tip?
Don’t read/watch/listen the mainstream media, it’s just full of shit.

A place to create?
None in particular; just as long as it has a good vibe and energy to it, that’s what inspires me.

Last thing that inspired you?
Rediscovering hip-hop.

Eureka moment?
The Matrix is a documentary.

Published March 19, 2012.