Telekom Electronic Beats

10 x 4 – Go Slow

10 x 4 - Go Slow ? õ § ? õ ? is a kid after my own heart. The St. Louis experimentalist is still fresh on the scene but his syrupy-slick beats, focusing on sea/weed subcultural affectations, are the perfect psychedelic mindwash when you just don’t have time for the beach. Grab your virtual boogie board and prepare to get damp on dank.

1. Biggest inspiration?
When someone says they understand and feel the same.

2. Last album you loved?
2 Chainz – T.R.U. REALigion.

3. Raging or chilling out?
I definitely chill way more, but raging too because I like to get fucked up.

4. One thing you could live without?
Society and the way stupid people think.

5. Favorite place to create?
I like to get extremely high and make up places in my mind. Mostly tropical atmospheres or outer space.

6. Describe your perfect instrument.
I wish I could like jump into Fruity Loops physically and sequence songs together in real time while having a microphone read my mind.

7. Who would you most want to collaborate with?
So many people come to mind; I’m trying to collab with this awesome dude Mason Chambers King and another kick ass dude who goes by Tennis Hoodman, but if dreams come true one day I wanna collab with S4LEM or Wavves.

8. Most interesting tour/show story?
I’ve only played two shows so far, nothing too interesting. In Pittsburgh we went to a party and I crashed my car and lived .

9. Biggest break so far?
This interview.

10. Plans for 2012?
The goal is to be official, book shows, start a clothing line and have fun with people I love.

Published January 23, 2012.