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10 x 4 – Huerco S.

Huerco S. is on a run. We simply cannot get enough of his edits. The 20 year old audio enthusiast hails from Kansas City and makes truly chill instrumentals that develop slowly and bleed together easily. He’s an art school drop out and is now into manipulating beats for his debut album, while remixing the likes such as YYU, C V L T S or Guy Andrews. Next week he will join 100% Silks INNERGAZE and LF WIND (Logan from Teengirl Fantasy) while playing his first live show ever. If you are in NYC, make sure to rsvp here. So, before the buzz hits hard on the mysterious Huerco S. we played a game of 10 x 4 with him.


Favourite part of the day to create?

Method or madness?

Most influential person?
Kim Jong-il had a pretty big year

First musical love?
The Clash

Last musical love?

One thing you would live without if you could?
Decaffeinated Earl Grey

Favourite instrument?
My brain

Eureka moment?
The day that I stopped caring and just did

Love of your life?

Secret tip?
NIKE, just do it

Plus: Here are two unreleased candies for your listening pleasure:

#1 Hurco’s ‘Mogen’ from the forthcoming 12″ split with Lenta on Belgium’s Other Heights label:

#2 Huerco’s Princif (Ruff Rub), still unpublished:

Published January 11, 2012.