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10 x 4 – Jakub Adamec

10 x 4 - Jakub Adamec Jakub Adamec is one of those (post-)modern Renaissance men, who skillfully navigate their career through various forms of art, while retaining a red thread that goes through their oeuvre. Adamec is a member of the electric, eclectic Silesian band I Love 69 Popgeju, the author of quite a bit of video work (the latest for the Polish project The Complainer), an art figure and purveyor of 21st century punk. His band is like fluorescent ear candy, an aesthetic quality that also translates into the group’s visuals as one of their many trademarks. Jakub’s solo record, a great amalgamation of samples, soundbites and various sonic emphemera created during his video work, is out now on Mik Musik. You can read more about it in our monthly Eastern Haze column.

1. What goes in your coffee?
??No sugar, no milk. I like sXe coffee. But coffee and cigarettes is also nice sometimes.

2. An album that changed the way you thought? ??
One of the important albums at a formative time in my life was Soft Cell‘s Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret.

3. What does underground and mainstream mean to you? ??
Freedom x borders.

4. Should music be free? ??
What’s more important is that the artist must be free.

5. Write a non-promotional paragraph.
That’s nice. Breathe deeply. Nice. Mmmmmm. WROOOMm! What was that, dude? Watch out! Turn it off! Run! Faster, FASTER!!

6. Name three essential artists.
??Sonic Youth, Soft Cell, Ingmar Bergman.

7. A film or book that greatly influenced your music? ??
The Young Ones, Twin Peaks, Also sprach Zarathustra, A Confederacy of Dunces, Smultronstället, The Magnificent Seven and more.

8. Your current favorite song?
??’Nic Fit by Sonic Youth, ‘Nafialov?lá vn?jších srdcí’ by Planety, ‘Over’ by Gus Gus, ‘All and Everyone’ by PJ Harvey, ‘Jem kamienie’ by Niwea. It’s a classic.

9. Do you believe in the paranormal? ??
Yes, of course. Today I bought eight books from a second hand bookstore. One CZK for each. Six of them are about paranormal phenomena or have something in common with that topic.

10. One thing you can’t live without? ??


Published July 13, 2012.