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10 x 4 – Last Japan

10 x 4 - Last Japan Last Japan‘s star has been rising high since his remix for Crystal Fighters‘ ‘Xtatic Truth’ appeared on Skins. His 2011 release, the 3Thousand EP, is an R&Bass gem, and his upcoming East EP (a preview of which you can stream below) is even hotter. EB’s Moritz Schmall recently hit the young London producer with our 10×4; check it!

1. Favorite part of the day to create?
When the sun is at its highest in the sky.
2. Method or madness?
Method to my madness.
3. Most influential person?
Kanye West.
4. First musical love?
The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
5. Last musical love?
6. Favorite instrument?
7. Your biggest break so far?
My remix being played on Skins.
8. Eureka moment?
Layering that kick with this snare.
9. Secret tip?
35 channels of drums & percussion.
10. A place to create?
In a warm country on the roof terrace at the top of a sky rise in the middle of the city where no one can see or hear me.

Published April 18, 2012.