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10 x 4 – Litanic Mask

We recently introduced you to Portland duo Kenna Jean and Mark Burden, aka Litanic Mask, and we still can’t stop listening to their beautiful sounds. Emotional yet cold, they weave a spell that holds ears captive and makes bodies sway. They’re also apparently rather fond of obelisks from beyond.

1. Biggest inspiration?

K: Aside from all the music over the years, we’re into how the ideas behind art can shape reality. I’m really inspired by Burroughs, Gysin and Austin Osmand Spare – the idea that words are a virus and that language itself can physically manipulate the space we live in.
M: We recently watched two documentaries about David Bowie and Charles Mingus, and they both talk about music as a language, and lived lives within the worlds they created, and I think that type of dedication radiates outward.

2. Last album you loved?
K: Tie between “Love is Real” by John Maus and “Thee Physical” by Pictureplane (which is also stuck in my car’s cassette player)
M: Three most current: Anika “Anika”, Rene Hell “Terminal Symphony” and Robert Hood “Internal Empire”

3. One thing you can’t live without?

4. Method or madness?
M: always both…method is for up until you are in the right zone and madness is from there on out.

5. Favorite place to create?

6. Most interesting gig story?
LM has only played a handful of shows, so it’s been pretty chill so far. We are looking forward to touring more as soon as possible. We really want to go to Europe.

7. One thing you can’t live without?

8. Dream collaboration?
Definitely dancers. All styles. Call us.

9. Biggest break so far?


10: What the future holds:

K: I guess we’ll know in December 2012. We’re both really into what’s going on in the atmosphere right now politically – the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement. I hope that the psychic energy of the youth will manifest itself as the change that’s supposed to come, and creativity, truth, beauty and art will be valued over monetary success.

Leather Mask

Published November 11, 2011.