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10 x 4 Mueran Humanos

Berlin-based Argentinian duo Mueran Humanos – which means Death to Humanity – just released their new 7″ Give A Party on the legendary Louder Than War label. Tomas Nochteff and Carmen Burguess’ share more than ‘just’ their musical ambition. This dynamic duo produce synth-ridden tracks with heavy basslines and a noir pop-appeal somewhere between Suicide, Coil and Throbbing Gristle. Mueran Humanos quickly became quite a name in the wider Berlin scene, played shows alongside my friends from Ill Winds, and Nochteff’s solo works will be released on my label Noisekölln Tapes later in September. So I thought it’s about time to hit them up with a quick 10 x 4 to see how they tick.


1. Your most memorable show?

Tomas: Psychic TV at Primavera Sound 2005. I had just landed in Europe and was so excited to see one of my all-time heroes on stage. When finally the time came, all the drugs that I had been doing during the day hit a peak. At the same time, the lights went out, a big screen showed the face of Brian Jones, Gen went on stage, ripped her t-shirt off, showing her new tits and they kick off with ‘Unclean’ and then ‘Godstar’… unforgettable.
Carmen: The Fall at Maria am Ostbahnhof 2010.

2. What does underground and mainstream mean to you?

Tomas: To me underground means counterculture, and mainstream means the cultural enemy. I’m serious, fuck irony.
Carmen:  No idea. I don´t care.

3. Should music be free?

Tomas: Music is free. But according to Sun Ra, freedom doesn’t exist in the universe.
Carmen: Music is the most free thing that I know, if it’s real it’s just superior to any human thought. If you mean if “making music” should be free I would say: no, please, no. But freedom is all right, I agree with freedom in general.

4. Tell us what you think about this song:

Tomas: Hahaha that’s my favorite videoclip ever, one of my favorite songs and one of my favorite bands! What can I say! I love the original version too. Great lyrics and great backwards guitar playing, masterpiece. My favorite Hendrix song along with ‘1983’.
Carmen: One of my favorite tracks EVER. The best cover ever made. I loved it with all my heart from the first time I listened to it.

5. A film or book that greatly influenced your music?

Tomas: Influences are subconscious, I don’t know what influences me. But two favorites could be Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger and The life of the Bees by Maurice Maeterlinck.
Carmen: Valerie and the Week of Wonders by Jaromil Jireš. A Season in Hell, Arthur Rimbaud.

6. Do you believe in the paranormal?

Tomas: I don’t believe in the normal. The incredible is the only real. So paranormal is normal… is that confusing? Good.

7. What defines your music-making process?

Tomas: Telepathy.
Carmen: Obsession.

8. Better show: Buffy or X Files?

Tomas: X Files is better, Buffy was really awful, vampires should be beautiful. True Blood is stupid too, but I can’t stop watching it.
Carmen: Never saw any of them, sorry.

9. Name three essential artists.

Tomas: Coil, Suicide, Can.
Carmen: Mark. E Smith, Nico, GG Allin.

10. Together, or alone?

Tomas: Alone with Carmen.
Carmen: Together.

Picture by: Txema Novelo

Published September 10, 2012.