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10 x 4 – PBR Streetgang

10 x 4 - PBR Streetgang PBR Streetgang is the troublesome twosome of Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe. DJs for a number of years with gigs across the globe and a residency at Space Ibiza under their belts, they are knee-deep in sleazy, funky house music. They have just released the killer 12″ ‘Downstroke’ on Hot Creations and there’s more in store with the likes of 20:20Vision and Futureboogie. Hot shit. Did I hear the call of a 10 x 4?

Favourite part of the day to create?
B – Just after the 2nd cup of tea has been made
T – Once the drugs kick in

Method or madness?
B – Depends what time of day it is.
T – A mix of both

Most influential person? to me .. ?
B – My Dad
T – David Attenborough

First musical love?
B – The Banana Splits Theme Tune
T – One of the first records I can remember owning was ‘a view to a kill’ by Duran Duran. So I guess that.

Last musical love?
B – Well I just heard heard Neil Diablos new edit of ‘For Your Love’ .. thats makes feel me in Love
T – The Chromatics, ‘Tick of the Clock’ from the movie ‘Drive’

One thing you cannot live with out?
B – Sad but true.. my mac laptop…
T – Yorkshire tea

One thing you would live without if you could?
B – My mac laptop!
T – Certainly not clothes, that could be really embarrassing.

Favourite instrument?
B – My Juno 106 Keyboard.
T – Bonar’s Juno 106.

Your biggest break so far?
B – I hurt my ankle real bad last year but I don’t think you could call it a break .. It wasn’t in plaster or anything.. no breaks so far so I’m pretty lucky!!
T – I can beat that. iIbroke my clavicle other wise know as your collar bone when I was at school. it hurt, but I took it like a man, a real man. I know you’re all impressed.

Eureka moment?
B – I get them daily I think .. and usually I forget them as quick as them came!
T – All the time, then quickly realise it may not be as good as originally thought.

Biggest surprise?
B – My surprise Birthday party my girlfriend threw me last year.. I really didn’t expect that .. amazing !
T – Knowing we’ve come so far at such a young age!

Biggest disappointment ?
B – When they re-made The Wicker Man. That bummed me out a bit..
T – Making yorkshire puddings for a friend recently. They really didn’t work out. I’m normally amazing at doing them.

Love of your life?
B – It’s an obvious answer… but its music ..
T – That + missus, dog, mates.

Secret tip?
B – Always wrestle a bear after he’s eaten… they’ll be more lethargic and less aggressive .. that.. and don’t take advice from me..
T – I’m so impressed with Bonar’s answer, I have no answer.

Favourite Tumblr?
B – What like a glass? I don’t think I understand the question.. I don’t really have any crystal tumblers but I have a favourite mug if that helps ?
T – In English please, I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t understand???

A place to create?
B – Anywhere that my train of thought wont be disturbed for more than 20 minutes.
T – Mentally I create ideas when i’m relaxed, which is often in strange places like the bath. That’s pretty weird, right!!

Last thing that inspired you?
B – Opening the curtains this morning and taking a look outside .. everything inspires me!
T – Bill Withers documentary I watched last night.

Published March 20, 2012.