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10 x 4 – Renaissance Man

10 x 4 - Renaissance Man There’s some big love for Renaissance Man at Electronic Beats. Over the last couple of years the pairing of Finns Downtown & Jaxxon have released a clutch of increasingly sophisticated, jacking house tracks and one killer album – The Renaissance Man Project – on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings imprint. We just had to get down with a 10 x 4. Not sure which half the answers come from, but they are as straight to the point as the duo’s music.

Favourite part of the day to create?
Morning, the earlier the better.

Method or madness?
Both, 50%/60%

Last musical love?

Favourite instrument?

Your biggest break so far?

Eureka moment?
Last Friday on a plane: Millex Plateux = A Thousand Plateaus

Biggest surprise?
Wait and see!

Secret tip?
Think before doing.

A place to create?
On a run.

Last thing that inspired you?
BIll Drummond’s book “45”

Published March 13, 2012.