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10 x 4 – Teen Witch

10 x 4 - Teen Witch The Internet is a high school, and Teen Witch helps give you the necessary advice you need to get with the cool clique. The young Chicago tastemaker has recently shifted from the digital realm into the physical with his answer to Tiger Beat, TEEN WITCH MAGAZINE. Say a spell and come inside.

1. Biggest inspiration?
Everyone on my friends list that is doing something cool and different. I get to watch them grow and it really drives me the most because I just want to build along with them.

2. Last album you loved?
In a rotation of GrimesVisions, Hunx‘s Hairdresser Blues and Nicki Minaj‘s Roman Reloaded.

3. Raging or chilling out?
I’m still trying to figure that out. I really love staying in and watching television, but I’m always thinking I’m missing out on everything that is going on. I want to be apart of everything I just don’t want to get out of bed.

4. Secret advice?
Get out there; network, create and have fun. I believe in the power of thought, if you think about what you want and think about how to get it it’s going to happen. See yourself as your heroes and stop taping up pictures of people you admire on your walls and put up pictures of yourself in their place. Invest in yourself or you’re probably going to live a pointless life.

5. Favorite place to create?
Social networking sites.

6. The internet: what mysteries does it hold?
The internet only allows you to know what it wants you to know.

7. One thing you can’t live without?
A decent WiFi connection.

8. Buffy: great show or greatest show?
Buffy represents all that is girl power!

9. Biggest break so far?
Being acknowledged by people I look up to.

10. THE FUTURE: what it holds and how we can destroy it:
For myself, I’m starting to work on getting out a clothing line. I want to put out a few pieces in conjunction with TEEN WITCH magazine that kind of represent each issue. Hopefully that will be out this summer then the next issue this fall/winter. You can destroy it all in a press of a power button.


Published April 25, 2012.