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10 x 4 – Valentin Stip

10 x 4 - Valentin Stip Valentin Stip is the first proper signing to Nicolas Jaar‘s Clown & Sunset label. Born in Paris but raised in Montreal, a background playing classical piano was a springboard for Valentin’s explorations in electronic sounds which soon caught the ear of Jaar. Field recordings and a lightly synthesized touch combine wih deft percussion – his Anytime Will Do EP makes a pretty strong statement for a debut record.

We predict bug things for Valentin.

Favourite part of the day to create?
In the afternoon when everybody else is caught up in their day I usually take a moment at home to make music. Periods of exhaustion are also good moments for me.

Method or madness?
In a way, a little bit of both as I have my little methodic tricks and tocs that I do often and I have those moments when I just get lost inside of ableton for hours and will get nothing but a small number of good clips.

First musical love?
Segei Vassilievitch Rachmaninov

Last musical love?
Mount Kimbie

One thing you cannot live with out?

One thing you would live without if you could?

Biggest disappointment?
Being told that I would not be able to become a concert pianist when I was 13.

Love of your life?

A place to create?
At home, or any cozy and very agitated place. Sometimes I need calm around me while sometimes I really enjoy movement and commotion.

Last thing that inspired you?
Bird sounds and Hip-hop.

CS006 Valentin Stip – Anytime Will Do EP by Clown and Sunset

Published July 21, 2011.