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2011 Editor’s Picks: András

Another year, another list and a chance to share what we thought were some of the highlights of 2011. Here music and culture editor András G. Varga picks some of his moments from a momentous year.

Summarizing a whole year is a big challenge especially in 2011. This year there was so much to be inspired by. So many terabytes of great music I’ve listened to, and lot more which I couldn’t keep up with. And not only music but art, fashion and all sorts of creative areas had so many hidden treasures to discover. Time was my only limit but I enjoyed so many magic moments in…

There were many incredible vibes, moody grooves and fascinating sounds out there, that it wouldn’t fit into this tiny space. I’ve listened to some songs over 50 times like emerging Brighton-trio Regal Safari; seapunk flagship Zombelle; dark future-goth pop duo Creep; and “Sun-kissed Tibetan crunk” My Panda Shall Fly, all are also definitely ones to watch.
Almost all artists on the roster from Tri Angle Records made it through this year, they couldn’t make a mistake and I was blown away of their wide ranging and beautiful output. Furthermore Emika – bass, beats and heartache as we said about her -, Nicolas Jaar, Zomby and Sun Glitters came out with amazing debut albums that I can listen to any time. And there are so many more.

I was digging fashion photography and videos for longer this year. It’s hard to link all fashion photos and videos I loved in 2011. Argentinian Vnfold magazine and French Some/Things are constant inspiration among all of the other magazines, blogs and tumblers. Maybe this music video is one of my favourite fashion videos and it also happens to be directed by a Hungarian guy, Adam Csaszi. It became the official video for Ikonika’s Video Delays from her album ’Contact, Love, Want, Have’ released last year on Hyperdub.

My favourite musical instrument is a Dodecaudion, developed by PanGenerator. This is an audiovisual controller, maybe not optimal for recording but definitely spectular one for live performance. As we saw before you can even have a simple dress as a soundscape generator interface.

I’m into beautiful 3D surfaces as well (see below), but this other one is the ultimate weirdness.

Various kind of dance. This time not in the clubs, but in the theathers. 2011’s best movie is definitely Pina, a documentary by Wim Wenders about the legendary German choreographer, Pina Bausch. It’s weird, deep, timeless, moving. You must see (in 3D) if you’re open to contemporary dance.

Published December 23, 2011.