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2011 Editor’s Picks: Iva

2011 Editor's Picks: Iva Another year, another list and a chance to share what we though were some of the highlights of 2011. Here music and lifestyle editor Iva Vukši? a picks her five moments from a momentous year.

After getting Facebook Timeline I realized 2009 was the best year in my life so far. But 2011 will also be remembered for few things:

Apparat – Song of Los: I’m a girly girl, so this one captured my heart for no particular reason.

Apparat – Song Of Los by Mute UK

Metronomy – Everything goes my way: which I played a lot after the decision to leave a corporate job and start my own freelance thing.

Gil Scott Heron and Jamie XX – I’ll take care of you: my boyfriend was very proud after I stopped playing stuff like Boys Noize and Kavinsky and got into ‘more sophisticated’ tunes this year. Those are his words, not mine.

M83 – Midnight City : which will always remind me of preparing my first magazine issue for the 2011 baby fashion startup, funded this February by my cousin Filip, my close friend Tena and myself.

Midnight City by M83

Kink – Leko: my first time ever watching a sunset on a boat party was at Garden festival this July, where I met Strahil who knocked me of my feet with his live act.

Digitalism – I Love You Dude: I liked the second album so much that I got a Digitalism tattoo in the fall. It turned out to be a pretty optimistic statement on my wrist looking like a disco stamp.

Published December 23, 2011.