5 Things You Need To Know About Swiss Techno Duo Adriatique

Swiss techno duo Adriatique. Photo by Raphael Rapior

If you spent any time in techno clubs this year, there’s a good chance you heard “Ray”. The single, released on Afterlife by Swiss production duo Adriatique, is a hypnotic anthem that seems like it was purpose-built to be some kind of ultimate end-of-set closing time record. Many artists struggle for their entire careers to make a record like this, but Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer have made a career of it. (And if you’ve been paying attention, then you probably also know their releases on Solomun’s Diynamic imprint as well).

And it’s for this reason that we’re proud to present their performance tonight at our next Telekom Electronic Beats Clubnnight at Gewölbe in Cologne. If you’re planning on going to party—and even if you’re not—here are five things that you should know about Adriatique.

The Record That Kick-Started Their Career

Adriatique gained attention for their work in the studio after the release of their debut single on Berlin’s OFF Recordings. The Feeling Good EP, produced with German artist Thyladomid (a.k.a. Charles Thiemann), is a simple yet deep dance floor-ready rocker. It received big praise from techy-leaning dance floors, and it quickly became a part of the soundtrack at summer festivals and, especially, in the Ibiza club circuit.

But the EP and its deftly produced title track also serve to bookend Adriatique’s musical history. More than half a decade later, it’s become clear that the duo’s sonic signature, established via tracks like “Feeling Good”, has stayed with them in their non-stop trajectory.

Solomun is a fan

Receiving the support of Solomun and his Diynamic imprint was perhaps the most influential moment of Schweizer and Shala’s career. As a platform, it’s undeniably effective. Now with listeners the world over, the duo were able to showcase not only their confident DJ sets at parties like BPM Mexico, Amsterdam Dance Event and Sonar, but also their diverse range in the studio. Decidedly less chugging than their earlier house music releases, “Deep In The Three” is a trademark Diynamic release. Sultry vocal samples—from Feist’s “Honey Honey”—mirror the ambience of the environment it’s often played in. You can feel the humid heat when this track bellows through a club-grade sound system.

They started their own label to shine a light on other artists

Schweizer and Shala have continued to refine their musical identity. In the process, they felt it was suitable to offer other artists the opportunities they had been afforded by other labels. So they started their own. Aptly named Siamese, the imprint is a reflection of the duo’s inseparable nature. Adriatique kicked off the release schedule with their Patterns Of Eternity EP, which featured their 11-minute epic title track.

They just released their debut LP, Nude


An artist’s debut album is often the creative onset of their musical identity, but not in dance music. For artists who cut their teeth on the dance floor or behind a DJ booth, the opportunity to produce an album is often a scarce privilege. But for Schweizer and Shala, it’s something they’ve been in the process of building, both mentally and literally, for years. Nude, which was just released last month on Tale Of Us’ Afterlife imprint, is the culmination of a decade of work and a myriad of styles and influences.

Throughout its 13 tracks, which run over an hour, you’ll hear music bordering on ambient, finger-flaying, trance-tinged, tech-house and even some delightfully theatrical synthesizers. As the follow-up to the duo’s aforementioned massive debut 12-inch on the Italian imprint, it’s a thoughtful trip through the minds and creative centers—or center—of Adriatique.

Adrian and Adrian

Adrian Schweizer and Adrian Shala are best friends. After meeting in Zurich in 2008, they’ve remained the other’s best artistic and emotional advisor. They live together in a shared studio and rehearsal space near Switzerland’s largest city. It’s been that way almost since they met over a decade ago.

Like many artists, their musical backgrounds didn’t suggest that they’d be electronic music stars. But their meeting propelled them to get in the studio. Since then, they’ve gone on to release over a dozen tracks, reworks and DJ mixes for outlets, labels and clubs across the globe.

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