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7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Party Outside During The Day At Least Once

If you’ve been following our party schedule lately, you know that we have quite a few open airs planned for this summer. Our recent techno party at Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord was mindbendingly fun, and we have similar al fresco raves coming up in the form of our Click Clack Open Air in Dresden and our party with Baka Gaijin at Essen’s mammoth Zeche Zollverein, an abandoned coal refinery complex that’s now a UNESCO world heritage site.

We like partying outside. We like partying outside during the day. We think you should probably try it if you haven’t. Here are a few reasons why it’s better to bask in the sun while dancing to your favorite tunes.

1. You won’t smell like an ashtray

This one is a little Berlin-specific. But for those of you that have clubbed here, have you ever gone out with a nice outfit only to find that, afterwards, it smells like an ashtray? People smoke in clubs here, and if you don’t have the money to fork out for dry cleaning, it’s a great way to ruin your best clothes. Partying outside lets you avoid the smokers—all that fresh air will take care of the smell.

2. You can get your source of vitamin D

Partying inside a factory or dark club for 48 hours all but ensures you won’t meet your recommended daily vitamin D intake. But imagine being able to party while soaking up some rays. Also, you won’t have to feel that terrible moment when the sun reminds you that you’ve been partying in a dark techno club for two days on end. Get some sun onto your skin and feel revitalized!

3. You can take a break without leaving the party

Everyone can relate to this. After dancing your heart out to pounding kicks and being surrounded by sweaty bodies for multiple hours straight, you know it’s time for a break! You want to go outside and take a breather. But that usually means saying goodbye to the club and having to re-enter afterwards, which everyone knows can be a real hassle. If you were outside, you could walk for a little bit, bask in the silence and let your ears have a nice chill-out session with the birds and breeze.

4. You won’t ruin your sleep cycle

We’ve all been here: You want to see your favorite DJ, but they’re playing an all-night party at 5 or 6 AM. If you go, you’ll enjoy yourself, but you’ll also feel like a zombie for a few days afterwards. If you party during the day, you can maintain your normal circadian rhythm—and that’s a good thing for your weekly sleep cycle.

5. You can chill out with a group of friends

Although this goes against our previous article on clubbing alone, we think it’s safe to say that you can reach a point where you want to be able to listen to good music and also hang out with your friends. You can do that inside, sure, but when you’re outside there’s plenty of space to hang out, talk and hear each other. It’s the best of both worlds!

6. You can dance on a grass dance floor

Sometimes standing on that hard concrete can get quite uncomfortable. Isn’t it so nice to be able to connect with nature? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to stand on some grass for a change? Plus, when you feel like taking a break, you can have a nice lie-down on the grass!

7.You can wear sunglasses and not look like a douchebag

Everyone knows that wearing sunglasses looks cool. But you know what doesn’t look cool? Wearing sunglasses inside. If you do this, you look like a douchebag. Doing that will never be cool. Outside though…that’s a whole other story. If you party at a daytime open air, you can wear sunglasses for as long as you want, and nobody will think otherwise (well, until the sun goes down at least).

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Published June 27, 2018. Words by Sophie Harkins.