7 Reasons To Go To Spain’s Newest Music And Art Festival

This weekend, a new festival will debut at the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art and a few other venues around Vitoria, Spain. Mugako is coming out of the gate with a strong lineup that, in addition to master classes and showcases, includes weird techno darling Objekt, Marcel Dettmann protégé Answer Code Request, techno don Regis and Raster-Noton’s Dasha Rush. With so much going on in just two days, we asked the festival curators to give us some of the highlights.

Friday, October 9 @ 21:00: Boris Divider Live A/V Set

“Producer, sound designer and video composer Boris Divider has been one of the heads of the Spanish electronic music scene for years. He works in sequential and minimalist progressive electronic sounds. Over the past two years, he’s carved a new path in which visuals play an important role. The show he’s developed for Mugako involves audio and video synced together in a constant synergy. He’s also in charge of one of the off-festival activities: a 2.5-hour masterclass on synthesis techniques in the creation and design of electronic percussion. He’ll focus on diverse techniques and strategies for creating sounds, which we think will be really interesting.”

Friday, October 9 @ 22:00: Demdike Stare Live A/V Set

“We think Demdike Stare (who crafted a guide to Source Direct for EB and released a much-lauded record from Shinichi Atobe) will be one of the most interesting acts on this year’s lineup. We got to see them live at Primavera Sound in 2014, and it was incredible. Their audio/visual show is remarkable, and combines both worlds perfectly. They will be playing at the Sala Alta, the main floor, which has huge walls where the images will be projected during the gig.”

Friday, October 9 @ 23:00: Answer Code Request Live

“We have been fans of Answer Code Request since his first release on his own label and on Marcel Dettmann Records, but it was his album Code that made us decide to bring ACR to the festival. It was really different from the stuff he’d released before, and we thought it would be very interesting to have him do a live set.”

Saturday, October 10 @ 20:00: TM404 Live

“Andreas Tilliander has been in the techno world forever, so we’re very excited to have him play twice during the festival, both as Andreas Tilliander and TM404. [The UH Festival founder said similar things in his guide to UH!] We were already familiar with his Tilliander material and his classic dub minimalism for Mille Plateaux, and our friend Svreca recommended his work as TM404. Svreca saw his live set, which involves three 303 machines, and said each performance varies drastically in mood and pace because Tilliander adapts his set to the vibe of the room. We’re looking forward to seeing how this will translate at the Museo Artium.”

Saturday, October 10 @ 20:30: Svreca

“Being a Spanish festival, we have to highlight one of the best techno selectors in Spain: Svreca. As the head of one of the most inspiring labels in the business, Semantica, he perfectly reflects the concept of the festival. We want to show society that electronic music just not just clubs and nightlife—it’s also about art and modern culture. Enrique (Svreca) exemplifies that perfectly. After all, Chanel used Cio D’Or’s album on Semantica for its Fall-Winter 2015/16 fashion show in Paris.”

Saturday, October 10 @ 23:30: Dasha Rush

“We figured this would be a good time to bring Dasha Rush to Mugako and introduce her to Spanish audiences, as she’s played here very few times and recently released her excellent album, Sleepstep, on Raster-Noton. We feel very honored to have her close things off at Este Alta on Saturday.”

Saturday, October 10/11 @ Kubik, 02:00: Kangding Ray Live A/V Set

“Anything from Raster-Noton is worth a listen. When we first heard Kangding Ray’s album Or in 2011, we immediately thought it was really special. He was one of the acts that was in the first draft of the lineup this year. His set at Boiler Room Berlin was incredible, so we really wanted him on board. We’re excited to see how his audio/visual show will materialize in a museum setting.”