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A week in the life of EB: Our picks from the last seven days


As the year slowly falls away, so too does the amount of free time we have. People rush hither and, occasionally, thither on their way to holiday errands. Minds look back over the preceding months and are consumed with self-satisfaction or lamentation. The blue of the sky is immense, the cold white of the ground evoking memories of the Void. Not much time at all.


That’s why we’re here. We want to help you. Why DIY when we can DIFY? Look, see:


Pictureplane‘s Travis Egedy was brought into our embrace with his new column GOLDEN BLONDE. A new visual delight from NU DEPTH accompanies.

The dream-soaked Visions was Grimes’ perfect pop statement, and comes recommended by us as one of our top picks for the year.

Doldrums lurks beneath a veneer of Lesser Evil but is purely peaceful.

The radio became beautiful this week: soothing balm in the form of The Orb and jagged chaos with Bestial Mouths.

Nourishment was given in the form of Fast Food. Warmth, however, was rejected for cold: we’re comfy in nihilism with Audioccult and a selection of albums for depression. What brings our InmostLight out again? Clothing ourselves in BlackBlackGold and filling our eyes with selections from Louise. A great Birthday Party is planned for you.

Others spoke, and were spoken to: András Hargitai, Andy Butler, and Alex Barck all join hands to dance and chant around Gabriel Prokofiev for not having a name that begins with ‘a’.

This was the week.

Now you may go. ~

Published December 08, 2012.