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A$AP mobbing on SXSW

A$AP mobbing on SXSW When you’re one of the most “innovative” leading lights at your 40K a year art school living off the extensive trust fund set up by your grandparents who quite literally broke their necks after WWII to amass substantial wealth to pass on to future generations and spend the little money you do earn from weekend shifts at your local vegan/only-locally-sourced-produce café on booze and cheap “designer” drugs cooked up from remnants of battery acid, Sprite and plant flood, holding on to reality can be a pretty tough.

Fortunately, you tell your friends, you’ve been to Harlem once before. After all, you used to live in Bushwick a couple of years ago and were best friends with a dealer there that sold “mad weight”. He took you uptown once and everyone said that you were pretty chill. So when you find yourself in Austin, Texas at a Vice Party, molly coddled into a feeling of safety, your drug addled suburban mind says, “But we’re not in the hood now. I can throw my beer onstage.” Sadly, you are wrong. And to be honest after viewing footage of the ASAP Rocky brawl at SXSW, I was quite impressed that a warning was given at all. This isn’t a zoo, there are no cages or glass casings. This is really happening, please keep your hands inside the vehicle. Thanks.

Published March 19, 2012.