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Acid Traxxx with Funkineven

The 20-something UK tunesmith Funkineven aka Stevie J is a name worth watching closely. He’s responsible for producing some pretty sick, nasty and downright awesome music released through labels like Eglo Records and 2020 Vision. I’m definitely going to go ahead and class it as a great find of 2012. Dubious? Check his collaboration with Fatima on “Phone Line for one clear frontrunner for track of the year. Mixing influences ranging from p-funk through acid and hip hop Funkineven makes no bones about turning it up all the way for a full-on acid assault. That’s why we asked him to share his top three acid traxxx of all time.


1. Marcellus Pittman – There’s Somebody Out There Unirhythm, 2007

“Absolutely love this track, it kind of reminds me of Phuture‘s “Acid Tracks.” There’s a similar arrangement and vibe, it’s real deep! As it says on the tin, “There’s Somebody Out There.” Yes! It feels like a communication to another dimension, a morse code to another planet or other beings. If there was electronic music before slavery it would sound like this.”


2. Jaquarius – Love Is Happiness Rockin’ House , 1988

“This is probably my favorite acid tune—complete madness. It sounds like an experiment recorded “in the moment,” messing around with a few knobs, vibing out, and making the clouds thunder. This is a very rare, expensive record.”


3. TNT – New Love Marguerita , 2007

“This is a straight-to-the-point, raw acid tune. I love to play this out, it works all the time. There’s a long drum intro, then all of a sudden, a loud, aggressive 303 line drops in and pulls the crowd to scream! DOPE!”

Published November 06, 2012.