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Actual Pain: the Devil is in the details

Actual Pain: the Devil is in the details Actual Pain always seems to make me tilt my head, sigh, and say in a soft, loving voice “You complete me.” The Seattle-based label always kills it with their cheeky, occultish clothes, but this year they’ve truly outdone themselves. Borrowing more from pop culture than ever, their Spring 2012 collection is entitled ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ and features some of the best blackened and reconceptualized art yet. I’m particularly in love with the ‘Devil Television’ shirt, a necessary selection while watching the new season of Beavis & Butthead. Though my aesthetic eye might gravitate towards high fashion, my grungy body and its associated pizza stains will always crave clothing closer to this. Because really, how will your life ever be complete without a pentagram weed leaf shirt?

Published March 15, 2012.