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Ahoj, Prague! The Electronic Beats Festival 2012 is SOLD OUT now!

Ahoj, Prague! The Electronic Beats Festival 2012 is SOLD OUT now! It’s always a great pleasure to return to Prague. After coming to town in 2008, 2010 and 2011, Electronic Beats will be back on May 5th 2012 at Archa Theatre for our fourth edition of the Electronic Beats Festival Prague – this year around The Whitest Boy Alive, Grimes, and Woodkid will be joining the festival for live shows, and Mike Skinner (The Streets) playing a dj-set.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past nine years, you’ll surely have come across The Whitest Boy Alive, the pop and electronic beats outfit of Erlend Øye, Daniel Nentwig, Marcus Kozlowski, and Sebastian Maschat, who’ve been defining the soundtrack of a whole generation of city dwellers with their albums Dreams (2006) and Rules (2009). In 2012 there may be no news of a new album (yet), but the live shows of The Whitest Boy Alive alone are worth every dime (or should we say Czech koruna?).

23-year-old Claire Boucher aka Grimes has enraptured the world with her self-produced, ucannily infectious somnambulant pop. With three records under her belt – the most recent is the critically acclaimed Visions – and a contract with 4AD, Boucher, a self-proclaimed embodiment of the ‘post-internet’ era merging influences from Mariah Carey to J.R.R. Tolkien, is the underground music brightest, albeit nebulous, star. We’re more than excited for her gig at Electronic Beats Festival Prague 2012.

Director, graphic designer and musician Yoann Lemoine is way better known as Woodkid. In 2011, the Paris based artist released his epic noire music video for ‘Iron’, which catapulted him into the centre of pop culture’s attention – the clip is at around 11.000.000 plays by now! Majestic brass players, deep drums and Woodkid’s intimate voice made this one of 2011’s best songs. Following up on his Iron EP, Woodkid is now back with more songs and a live show as epic as that ‘Iron’ video was.

We’re especially proud to announce that Mike Skinner (The Streets) will be playing a dj set at Electronic Beats Festival Prague 2012.

Update: TICKETS are SOLD OUT, rsvp to our Facebook event, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates – Twitter hashtags are #EBcz and/or #EBfest12. See you at Archa Theatre down-the-line!

Published April 30, 2012.