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EB Listening: o F F Love – Probably Love

EB Listening: o F F Love - Probably Love We’ve been waiting for o F F Love to drop a full-length ever since we documented his steady rise earlier last year. Like his contemporaries Butterclock and Nike7UP, he crafts lovelorn, foggy pop tracks that hit the parts of our brain that say ‘pop fan’ and ‘weirdo’ respectively, and there’s nothing that makes us happier than re-conceptualized mutant pop music. Not only did we get our wish earlier this month, but we’re also very excited to be hosting the premier of the full album stream!

Probably Love‘s floating, ethereal wisps of melody are anchored by lyrics that echo with loss and heartbreak and inspired by “a few disenchanted fairytales, where the charming prince was not was he seemed, and then realising that maybe there is no charming prince at all.” Fragile and sensitive, it’s music for R&B dreamers and late-night creeps. “It’s me trying to be as honest as possible, pushing all feelings in front and not really thinking about keeping any of it just for myself.” says the mysterious Parisian producer. “Showing whoever wanna hear it, how obsessive my love can be.

Stream the full album Probably Love below and catch up with o F F Love live supporting Chairlift!

Published January 26, 2012.