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Lindstroem is chef—an interview series

Smalhans is chef: An interview with Hans-Peter Lindstrøm (pt. 6)

Today’s episode of “Smalhans is chef”, a multi-part interview with Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, is not only the final item of this food-centred series, but also the shortest (and sweetest). It’s based around the final track “Vā-flę-r”, a kind of dessert—and since treats are always great we thought it would be nice to throw in some copies of Lindstrøm’s Smalhans album. Win them below, and find previous courses here.


“Vā-flę-r” was probably the most easy to translate item on your tracklist. What goes with your waffles when you make them?

First of all: waffles in Norway are a bit different than those in other parts in the world. They’re not so crisp, not so much like a cookie. They’re much softer, kind of like a pancake. I prefer apricot marmelade or Brunost, which is brown goat cheese. This tastes very good. Butter is great, too! One of my earliest memories when it comes to food are waffles. My mother used to make them, it’s a children’s favorite—everyone likes waffles. You can’t go wrong with these!


This was the final part of “Smalhans is chef”, our kitchen-centred interview series with Lindstrøm. Join our album competition below and maybe win a copy of “Smalhans”. UPDATE, Nov 20: Competition is closed, winners have been notified.

Published November 15, 2012. Words by Walter W. Wacht.