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Apparat: My Top 3 Sascha Ring Tracks

Apparat: My Top 3 Sascha Ring Tracks Known as Apparat and now and again also as Moderat (in collaboration with Modeselektor), Sascha Ring has been putting smiles on the faces of party people for 10 years now. I got to know and appreciate him after a gig at the long since closed Cabaret Renz and began my mission to get my hands on every release available. But even now, a few years after my Apparat mania, I still like to keep up with what the musician is doing.

Reason enough to feel obliged to impose my top 3 Sascha Ring tracks on you.

1st place: Apparat – Tel Aviv, the B-side of the live EP Berlin, Montreal, Tel Aviv (Shitkatapult, 2006)

The A-side with the track that was recorded in Berlin and in Montreal is super, but the B-side entitled Tel Aviv even manages to top it. Probably just the track to captivate the city’s Goa audience.

2nd place: Moderat feat. Paul St. Hilaire – Let Your Love Grow, track 1 on the De:bug 100 anniversary CD

The100th edition of De:bug came with a wonderfully compiled CD. And the first track really keeps the listeners spellbound. The reggae and vocals of the dub artist, who comes from the Dominican Republic, fit in perfectly with the light-footed melodies of the track.

3rd place: Apparat – Hold On, track 5 on Walls

After Orchestra of Bubbles, the joint album with Ellen Allien, Apparat is once again upping the ante. Walls (Shitkatapult 2007) is less a techno piece than an album that you can listen to from beginning to end. Raz O’Hara’s voice is touching (but Sascha himself sings on the majority of the album), and the best track is also the single: Hold on.

On 10.6 Apparat will be coming to the Electronic Beats Festival in Prague with their band. If you’re already familiar with the exceptional artists you’ll know that he likes to merge tracks from all of his projects during his live shows. So you’re in with a good chance of hearing all three tracks on the first Friday in June. Don’t miss it.

And before we forget: we’d also like to recommend you the Slices Feature with Moderat.

Published June 02, 2011.