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Lanark Artefx

Taking his name from a Scottish novel set in a surreal dystopian city, Lanark Artefax’s music thrives in futuristic and fascinating soundscapes. His most recent, highly-lauded untitled EP for the acclaimed London imprint Whities showcased his bright future throughout a series of sound collages that morph from disorienting to sublime in sparing melodies. While his tracks and current live set undoubtedly lean on similar experimental moments, Artefax also has a knack for seamlessly flipping the switch into surreal, introspective valleys that evoke the ethereal electronica of artists like Aphex Twin, who counts the young Glaswegian as a fan.

Artefax is now off to deploy his new live set at a variety of intriguing clubs and festivals, including Poland’s Unsound. Those looking for singular experiences far away from watered down house and techno should keep Lanark Artefax in their sights.