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Roman Flügel

Roman Flügel has been a pivotal force in the German electronic music scene since the early ‘90s. Originally a music student who played drums in local bands, Flügel was first exposed to electronic music by his older brother, who gave him a compendium of Chicago Trax 12” singles. As he subsequently began his own collection of early Detroit and Chicago house records and attended nights at Sven Väth’s Omen Club in Frankfurt, Flügel became interested in the use of analog drum machines and inexpensive synthesizers in electronic music. His preliminary experiments with sound design and music production led him to Jorn Elling Wuttke, a German artist with whom he founded the acid house duo Alter Ego in 1992, as well as the record label Playhouse in 1993.

Flügel has produced under a series of monikers including Roman IV, Eight Miles High, Soylent Green, Ro 70, Melanin, List, Acid Test, and Tracks On Delivery, all of which represent different facets of his wide ranging production style. He has published five albums as a solo artist, and has released on the labels Clone Records, Cocoon Recordings, Correspondant, Curle Recordings, Dial Records, House Is OK, How The Other Half Lives, Klang Elektronik, Live At Robert Johnson, Ongaku Musik, Running Back, Skint and Versatile Records. He has also DJed extensively in parallel with his time spent producing, securing a residency at the Frankfurt nightclub Robert Johnson as well as frequent appearances at Berlin’s Panorama Bar. His sets, like his music, traverse a broad range of genres, predominantly within the realm of IDM, house, techno and leftfield electro.