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Audioccult Vol. 33: The Empty One


Light a candle. It will not light. Exit through the door. It will not open. Sleep, then? It will not come. What is there left? Only Audioccult.

1. Patripassianism

The belief that Christ was the Lord Incarnate; in this form, God Himself was made to suffer at the hands of Man. Considered heretical by the Orthodox, it denies the idea of Holy Trinity in favor of a single One. And after? If there is no Holy Ghost? What looks down upon us now, if not cold stars?



2. Divine Apathy

In contrast, there are those who believe that the Creator or Creators are above sorrow, beyond the agonies of Earth. Divinity cannot encompass emotions: these are of the flesh, nerves and synapses. Could an intelligence capable of creating existence from nothing (?) grieve—and if so, can this intelligence truly be divine? Can anything that feels what we feel be truly worth of worship, of exaltation? And if not, does that therefore mean that we value the absence of feeling more than its presence?



I shall no longer believe all the visions of my youth: they have dissolved into nihil.” –  Freed Tibet.



Illustration: Simone Klimmeck

Published December 03, 2012. Words by Daniel Jones.