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Audioccult Vol. 47: YO! Goth in tha club!


Light a candle. Draw the required sigils. Now, raise your arms above your head and slowly, gently, exhale your soul. You won’t need it here. This is Audioccult, and it’s time to get low. Illustration: SHALTMIRA  


I was frantically running around the room this morning trying to find a pithy quote or bizarre monologue, only to keep tripping over my feet (potential failure allegory) before an email notification sent me scrambling to my computer. Had the Pope choked? Someone do a thing that I could use language to suggest that it was another thing done in a humorous way? In fact it was Tamara Sky, sending me a link to her latest mixtape. In my article covering the rise of EBM in the non-specific ‘dark’ scene that exists somewhat outside the more longtime ones, I’d mentioned LIL DEATH and their skillful blend of clubby bass, witchy weirdness, and industrial-dance. This mix is a perfect example of that ideology, effortlessly linking Mr. Oizo to Blvck Ceiling to Xmal Deutschland and Dimmu Borgir. Few recent files (outside of Kahn‘s smouldering new cut, perhaps) are making my body move the way this one does.

There were quite a few topics and artists I’d like to have covered in that culture piece that I just didn’t have room to, one being this outsider scene’s embrace and incorporation of hip-hop—particularly in SALEM and White Ring but also including newer acts like Mothman and Valhall, whose latest edit is a mashup of their haunting “Reaping Time Finally” with Waka’s viciously screamed chorus on J-Lie’s “Throwin’ Money”. It’s probably the best thing since Sisters of Mercy toured with Public Enemy, and without the chore of having to listen to Andrew Eldritch talk. The Carpenter-esque synths combined with bellowed braggadocio fit perfectly together, making me wonder when rolling 808s are going to be overtaken by CS-80s.



Bestial Mouths‘ latest sonic excursions seem to be edging more into the bass-heavy side of things as well, most likely thanks to the producing skills of member Gustavo Aldana of WMX. “Hollowed”, off their new Sweating Tapes split with Deathday, still retains much of their noisy post-punk feel, but with a booming, lurching beat that’s still not strong enough to overpower Lynette’s grandly wailed vocals. It’s their remix for Mater Suspiria Vision‘s “Spiral Chamber” that shows just how much beastly fury can be unleashed from Aldana’s mind. Such a heavy revelation combined with their upcoming collaborative album with Night Slugs player Egyptrixx lends a metallic tang of excitement in the air for evil clubbing, as well as a solemn prayer to Peter Murphy’s DUI ticket to ensure we don’t get stuck with next-gen Cruxshadows.

On a rather more pop side, the beautiful Butterclock has just released a new single from her recent EP. It floats closer to electro than any of her previous work, but still packs plenty of charm. I typed that last sentence while staring across the coffee shop, and what I typed initially was “Your pinstripe hat makes me puke.” The job of barista should be one of dignity. Coffee is important—like a well-crafted mixtape, it should slide down easily but memorably, and with a minimum of pinstripes. Total Freedom‘s new mixfile for VERSUS TOKYO handles that action nicely, with all of the expected weirdness Ashland is known to provide condensed into an hour of mutant club… and when it comes to spending time in clubs, mutation is exactly what keeps a body moving. That’s the real secret of the ooze.


Published March 21, 2013. Words by Daniel Jones.