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Audioccult Vol. 9: The Light Edition

Light a candle. Draw the required sigils. Now, raise your arms above your head and slowly, gently, exhale your soul. You won’t need it here. This is Audioccult, and it’s time to get low.

At times it’s very easy to escape into the massively overused adjective ‘dark’, especially when it comes to music. Maybe you have a not-so-secret goth past. Maybe you just sometimes feel like you’re trapped in an unknown Charlie Brown special where all character voices are replaced with eerie piping tune without structure or melody. You lean over and slowly lift up Marcie’s glasses; her eyebrows keep rising as you peek underneath and there’s another pair of glasses waiting just for you. Her mouth opens and second-person consciousness fades: ‘you’ becomes ‘I’ as all aspects of the Peanut multiverse are absorbed into me. As my eyes are replaces by a crystalline infinity of wailing Snoopy car ornaments, a red star shines over Bethlehem.

But. BUT. It’s summer. Life is beautiful, and the sun shines harder. Evil is killed by the tantric steel of the phurba: this week is about Light.

Celestial Light. Fight Bite is an aural embrace, a liquid pool of sound that envelops the id, caressing and soothing. Self-titled album, self-healing music.

The Light of Forgiveness. Suicide absolves you of life, but what can absolve you of your sins after death? Will you find your name in the Book of Life? Does Goku chill in heaven with Whitney? This Svpreme Fiend remix of How To Dress Well’s ‘Suicide Dream 2’ has no answers. It was already created with all the voice it will ever have, yet this is but a fragment of the whole.

Vintage Light. I stood next to you, Balam Acab. Now I’m in your house, a place you never thought I’d be. I’m in your home. I have some stock footage for you. David Bowie is sitting on your chest. He has knives for eyes. Matt Damon peers in to the room. Both are talking softly and laughing with each other; there’s real trust between these two. It’s palpable even through the poor quality of the medium (shot in grainy black-and-white 8MM, obviously).

Lil Light. All the Lil’s join forces to create wave of .gifs wherein all the Bigs (Pun, Sean, Notorious etc.) begin to freestyle and then an unlikely amount of severed penises start falling out of their mouths. An example of sour grapes gives us knowledge that reality is as malleable as music genres.

The Light of Pop. What does the word pop even mean anymore? Nothing. Nothing. There is no underground. Maribel‘s glorious ‘Jezebel Jive’ is swept away by Keep Shelly In Athens, taken above. To subvert mainstream ideals in a perfect track: paradise.

Labanna Light. Manifest waves in your beach life.

Stay in the Light: enhance your existence with knowledge of the “Real World”. Do not post online. Never reblog. Reblogging is Big Tumblr’s way of cashing in on your likes and dislikes. Don’t believe the lie. Don’t let Uncle Internet dictate what you can and can’t bury. Stay free and turn your dead pets into helicopters.

When he’s not writing and editing for Electronic Beats, Daniel Jones is a music promoter and creator of the subculture reconceptualization & aesthetics tumblr Gucci Goth.

Published June 04, 2012.