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Autechre to release deluxe boxset

Autechre to release deluxe boxset

For some people out there Christmas has come about 10 months too early, especially for Autechre fans. They have announced their plans to release a consumate boxset titled EPs 1991-2002. In total its 47 tracks – most of them out of print – that will be issued on five separate discs. There are 12 EPs in all and if you grab the whole thing you get three high quality vidies as well.


We can’t list all tracks as it’s pretty prolific, but we can assure between the glitches and bleeps, there is a hell of alot of great influential electronic music in there. If you pre-order you can get instant access to all the digital files now.

Warp will release the boxset on April 11th, for more info go here

Have a look at Gantz Graf, one of their more spectacular videos:

Published February 16, 2011.