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AYA and BFTT’s New Label ‘Yes Come On’ Leaves Gun Fingers Blazing

Two Northern UK legends convene in a venture that distills the pure joy of their collaborative friendship.

Top notes
Beautiful, kaleidoscopic, sassy club cuts
Middle notes
Crystal clear sound design meets fizzy joyfulness, like a bottle of sparkling water bursting into vivacious melodies
Base notes
A portal into the adventurous spirit of the Northern UK electronic music scene


What is it about Manchester that makes the city churn out some of the most exciting electronic music protagonists of our time?

The rainy city in the north of England no doubt enjoys a strong musical legacy with acid house and the Haçienda, but its current league of young, adventurous producers and DJs are once again breathing new life into the scene. Take AYA, the club disruptor formerly known as LOFT. This past festival season, she’s caused a ruckus with her fearless performances at Unsound and CTM, where she stood on the decks and poured a celebratory bottle of beer over herself post-set. One of the spectators cheering on her bold “pint on your head” moment was friend and collaborator BFTT, the Leeds-based DJ, producer and promoter at Leftovers and Manchester-based party series Mutualism. The two met at one of the Mutualism nights AYA was performing at in 2017, and according to BFTT, Yes Come On, their new label and their first release YCO001, was something they’ve been plotting for some time.

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Where BFTT’s “Suchblush” is a lush breakbeat number that unravels like a portal into another world, AYA’s “Delishus” is a “carbonated fever dream” that indulges in the artist’s unique ability to create maniacal musical characters. “You’re so delishus,” shouts the track’s robotic narrator, their voice contorted into a high-pitched screech. “How’d you get so delishus?” it asks with increased certainty, like an AI coming into consciousness with each repetition. A bizarre intermezzo of floating strings follows, unfolding like a glitch in the system—and, as with most happy accidents, how little sense it makes is exactly what makes it so genius. “Long Island,” the collaborative effort between the two, lures you in with calmer tones, only to unravel into a slick D’n’B roller ripe for rinsing at an afters’ sunrise.

In short, these are three tracks for serious heads who aren’t afraid to have a laugh. After all, as BFTT says, “the M.O of the label is anything that would make us shout ‘Yes, Come On’ in the club.”

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Listen to “Suchblush” and “delishus” via the links above, and buy the release on Bandcamp here.

Published July 13, 2020. Words by Caroline Whiteley.