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Behind the scenes of M.I.A.’s & Romain Gavra’s ‘Bad Girls’ music video

Behind the scenes of M.I.A.'s & Romain Gavra's 'Bad Girls' music video When M.I.A. hit us in February with her music video for ‘Bad Girls’ we were quite stunned: M.I.A. sitting on top of a car driving on two wheels in the Morocco desert. Nearly two months later, M.I.A. and Noisey have now released a behind the scenes video, and the 13 minute clip gives great insight into the making of the video.

In interviews with M.I.A., director Romain Gavras as well as the stunt and production team, we learn that the look of the video was inspired by the Saudi car drifter scene on YouTube and covered-up female Iranian truck drivers. Also, let’s keep in mind that there might have been further sauces of inspiration involved …

Watch the clip below and have a look at ‘Bad Girls’ again afterwards.

Published March 20, 2012.